March of the Dinosaurs


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Episode Title:
March of the Dinosaurs.
Episode Description:
The film begins on a summer's day in Northern Canada 70 million years ago and herd of Edmontosaurus and a spiky Edmontonia are feeding on the lush vegetation that grows all around them. Scar, a young male Edmontosaurus, enjoys his life in the Arctic forests with his extended family, comes across a young immature male Troodon named Patch, who has been feasting on baby Edmontosaurus all summer, but now has to chase smaller, more difficult prey as the baby Edmontosaurus are too large to hunt. He chases after an Alphadon, but another clawed foot grabs the fleeing mammal; that of another Troodon, and Patch is becoming impatient. The plentiful food for Scar is ending as well, as the dark, cold Arctic winter is approaching. When night falls for the first time, Scar loses sign of the herd and spots a dark shape, which turns out to be a Gorgosaurus, which slices his face as he narrowly dodges the killer blow. Later, a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus arrives and starts to compete for the dwindling food supply, further pressuring the herd's search for food. Scar finds the Edmontonia feasting on insect larvae from a fallen tree branch and tries his luck with mixed success. The sun sets and the Pachyrhinosaur herd moves on somewhere else in search of food. The winter's approach causes the herbivores to start risking their safety and a young female Edmontosaurus gets killed by the Gorgosaurus as she wanders too far from the herd. The next day, the Edmontosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus herds move south for the winter, while Edmontonia stays behind...

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