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Episode Title:
The Motion Picture.
Episode Description:
Three years have passed since the end of the original manga series. The Earth and the Jovian Federation have come to an uneasy peace. However, Akito and Yurika have both vanished, presumed dead, and a new threat to peace is rising. A grown-up Ruri Hoshino, as the new captain of the highly-mobile battleship Nadesico B, sets out to solve the mysteries. Much of the original cast returns in order to put a stop to the threat. In fact, one part of the movie has Ruri and her two subordinates traveling around specifically to rally the old Nadesico crew. Some of the crew have undergone slight changes; the Aestivalis pilot Ryoko now has purple hair as opposed to the original dyed green, but others (such as the pun-loving Izumi) have not changed at all. The only new cast member of note is a young boy named Ensign Hari Makibi, who like Ruri is a genetically engineered prodigy and has exceptional control over machines, actually being able to single-handedly control the Nadesico. Hari also serves as comic relief thanks to his tendency to let his emotions get the better of him (in one incident, he flees a restaurant in tears after Ruri ignores his concerns about their mission).

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