Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 2 Episode 10 Ogopogo!


You will Watch Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 2 Episode 10 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Mike Tyson Mysteries Episode 20 The team receives a request for help from Pigeon's ex-wife Sandra, who is attempting to sell their old lakeside house, but can't because Pigeon never finished signing their divorce papers. The team asks Pigeon to come with them to solve the matter, which he refuses, leading the team to force him to come by putting him in a pet carrier. During their trip they make stop at a gas station where an aged native american warns them of "Ogopogo", but Mike chases him off claiming he was just trying to scare tourists. They arrive at the lakehouse only to realize they accidentally brought one of their carrier pigeons instead of Richard (Pigeon). Back at the house, while Richard is trying to pay a prostitute, a picture of his ex-wife falls out of his wallet leading him to decide to confront his problems. When telling the team about their relationship, Richard's ex-wife insists that she isn't a witch and that she turned Richard into a Pigeon by praying to God. When seeing old pictures of Richard and his ex-wife, Yung Hee becomes attracted to Richard. When Richard arrives at the house, he has makeup sex with his ex-wife (which Yung Hee secretly watches), leading the two to announce that they're back together. She then calls out to God once again, and gold clouds begin to form in the sky. She asks to be turned into a Pigeon so that they can be together, which Richard immediately objects to, but is successful and she is turned into a Pigeon. She flies into the air in celebration but is eaten by a large lunging eel-like monster, Ogopogo.

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