Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Episode 6 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
VI: Rise of the Red Comet.
Episode Description:
On January 23, U.C. 0079, the Earth Federation and Zeon forces engage in a fierce naval battle at Loum. Dozle redirects his fleet away from the main battlefield to corner the Revil fleet. Char launches a surprise attack on the Revil fleet on his own before the Dozle fleet arrives and massacres the Federation forces. The Black Tri-Stars lay siege on the flagship Ananke before taking Admiral Revil prisoner. The next day, as the citizens of Zeon celebrate their victory, a political rift forms between Degwin and Gihren. As Zeon forces continue to sweep away pockets of resistance at Loum, Kycilia assigns Lt. Gen. M'quve to lead the Earth Invasion Force, with Garma serving under his command. Meanwhile, Dozle gives Char the task of investigating the Federation's new mobile suit project codenamed "Operation V". Revil is sprung out of the POW compound by Kycilia's spies acting as Federation officers as a means to prolong the war. In Side 7, Amuro confronts Federation officer William Kemp over the Gundam project, but is warned not to talk about it and all of his father's documents are confiscated. Meanwhile, Sayla is reassigned to Side 7 to continue her medical career. In Scott City, Antarctica, as both forces prepare to sign a cease-fire agreement, Revil broadcasts his speech announcing that Zeon has exhausted its resources and urging the Federation to continue the fight. Elsewhere, the new Pegasus-class ship White Base is en route to Side 7 to take delivery of the Gundam.

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