Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 2 English Subbed


Watch full Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 2 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 2 English sub streaming online. The Young Man from Shangri-La. The AEUG is devastated both physically and mentally after the final battle against the Titans and Axis. With the loss of most of their forces, they decide to hide themselves in Side-1's Shangri-La colony and begin their recovery efforts. A boy named Judau Ashta, after collecting and doing his job as a junk dealer, find a pod containing Yazan, still alive. After talking with him regarding the Argama, they decide to work together to steal the Zeta Gundam, though Judau and his friends want to just sell the mobile suit. At the port, Fa places Kamille in an ambulance and is about to leave when Judau and Yazan take her hostage. Shinta and Qum hide under the ambulance, and Judau searches the back and finds the vegetative Kamille. Kamille looks at him and holds out his hand, so Judau touches him and shares a strange Newtype experience with the comatose pilot. As they head for the Argama's dock, Yazan tells Judau they should have no trouble with the Argama's diminished crew. And despite being hardly armed with little more than vegetables and one Titan, Yazan proves to be right, as Judau is successfully able to steal the Zeta Gundam, but has trouble starting it up. But after Yazan kills Saegusa during the assault and reveals his true colors as a Titan, he activates the Zeta Gundam. Armed in only a Petite, Yazan attacks anyway, trying to get the Gundam himself. Unfortunately, Judau's control of the machine is poor, and they are forced into the colony. Abandoning the Petite as it is useless, Yazan boards a Middle mobile suit. Judau eventually pulls out a beam saber, but drops it, allowing Yazan to pick it up and gain the advantage, at least until Judau destroys the suit with forearm grenades and defeats Yazan. Afterwards, Bright is able to subdue the Zeta Gundam with a Petite and some wires, but Beecha and the rest of Judau's friends activate bombs. During this distraction, both Judau and Yazan manage to escape. In space, the Neo Zeon ship Endra sends a briefcase over to Shangri-La.

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