Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 37 English Subbed


Watch full Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 37 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episode 37 English sub streaming online. Nahel Argama. It is revealed that since the colony drop was successful, Haman has returned to space, so the Argama crew does the same, leaving behind the Argama with Karaba. As they leave they are watched by some of their friends: a reunited Kamille and Fa, and, surprisingly, Bright’s old subordinate Sayla Mass accompanied by a very much alive Leina Ashta. In Space the crew reunites with the La Vie en Rose and sees their new ship the Nahel Argama. Judau and co explore their new ship, while Bright meets with his superior; both Bright and the crew, who were eavesdropping, are shocked to hear that the gundam team is to be decommissioned and Bright is to command the Nahel Argama with a new, more “professional” crew. Judau, Bright, and the crew adamantly refuse this as they have been through everything together and have proven themselves capable, but their accomplishments are denounced, with Judau and his friends being labeled as mere children. At that moment the Argama’s old enemy, Mashymre Cello, along with his new ship and subordinate Illia Pazom attack. Illia leads the attack to destroy the new Argama in her ReGelg, so the Argama crew launches the Nahel Argama to draw fire away from the Rose. A direct hit to the ship causes Shinta, Qum, and some new pilots to be ejected from the ship, so Bright launches in a small vessel to save them while Judau launches in the ZZ to deal with Illia. Illia’s fast mobile suit allows her to outmaneuver Judau, however they begin to react to each other’s Newtype powers distracting her long enough for Judau to successfully execute a sneak attack. Illia survives and captures Judau’s but his unorthodox strategy mixed with the continuous reaction of their Newtype powers, allows him to stall her long enough for Elle in the Mk II to damage her suit, forcing a retreat with the rest of her units. Back on board the Nahel Argama, the crew realizes that Bright has been through enough, and let him (along with Shinta, Qum, and Haro) stay with the La Vie en Rose, and they head out to face Haman, with Bright, believing in their skill and strength, wishes them luck and farewell.

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