Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores


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Episode Title:
Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores.
Episode Description:
For spring break, Lagoona (Laura Bailey) invites her friends to come with her to the Great Scarrier Reef. On the way the ship is attacked by a kraken and sinks, leaving the group stuck on a small raft. Nearby are two humans; Bartleby Farnum (Keith Silverstein), an eccentric show-and salesman and his assistant Kipling (Malcolm Danare), who covers his face with a sack because he is too horrible to look at. Farnum hears the young monsters shouting and, planning to exhibit them, saves them. Frankie resembles an explorer who had a particular attachment to a creature Farnum has wanted to capture for a long time, the Beast of Skull Shores, so he plans to use Frankie as bait. Farnum takes the monsters to Skull Shores, claiming he has to pick up supplies before going to Great Scarrier Reef. Once docked, the group is welcomed by the local population, the Tiki. Farnum convinces them to keep the group entertained so that he can work out a trap for the beast. Suspicious, Lagoona and Gil sneak aboard Farnums boat to find out what Farnum's up to,and find a recording of the beast and the explorer who befriended him. They surmise that Farnum plans to use Frankie as bait to capture the beast. Farnum reveals the existence of the beast to the students and how an explorer was able to soothe it. Frankie's chair suddenly rises in the air and Farnum elaborates that the Tiki gave the explorer to the beast to keep him from attacking them. Clawdeen demands that performance ends because it's starting to become scary, but only a moment later the beast appears, lured by the drums of the Tiki. The students are shocked and Frankie is very afraid in her vulnerable position, especially after the beast grabs her, until she notices that the beast means her no harm. Farnum and the Tiki launch their attack, throwing spears at the beast but the spears are not enough to harm the beast. After a few seconds, the beast marches off with Frankie. The Tiki people force Ghoulia and Abbey into a pitfall trap, while Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Cleo escape. Farnum splits up the Tiki in two groups: one that will remain in the village and keep guard, and one that will follow the beast's trail as well as the tracking device in Frankie's necklace with Farnum. Lagoona and Gil return shortly afterwards to find that they are too late. The couple set off to save Frankie on their own...

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