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Episode Title:
Tell Me The Truth.
Episode Description:
While Dogkeeper and Rikiga wait for Nezumi and Shion meet back up with them, Shion and Nezumi meet Safu. Meanwhile, as the Holy Day begins, Yoming prepares to unleash a rebellion on No. 6, but is killed as the parasites become active and people start dying very rapidly. Nezumi realizes Safu is being controlled by Elyurias. Safu reveals the truth behind Elyurias' power and its wish to revive the land No. 6 destroyed. Confessing her love to Shion, Safu asks Nezumi to destroy Mother. After having to fight back against a hysterical Shion, Nezumi puts an explosive on Mother and the two escape, leaving Safu behind to die. While trying to leave the facility, Nezumi is shot and Shion has to bandage him up in an infirmary and has to carry him. They try to escape through a garbage chute, but Shion is shot in the heart and dies. Dogkeeper and Rikiga find the two and informs Nezumi that entire building is collapsing, but Nezumi refuses to leave Shion. Nezumi starts to sing to Shion, while outside the cyclones are starting to destroy the wall around No. 6. As Nezumi lays next to Shion, when a glowing, ghost-like version of Safu appears and starts to sing to Shion. Safu then disappears and the true form of Elyurias appears. Elyurias disappears in a large explosion of light and Shion is revived. The wall that was once surrounding No. 6 is completely gone, allowing the citizens of No. 6 and the West Block to gather. Nezumi bids farewell to Shion with a kiss, choosing to leave No. 6. A dog comes to Shion carrying the baby he had rescued earlier. Shion destroys the chip that the legless man gave him and takes the baby, the dog, and Hamlet and walks back towards the city, telling himself that he'll meet Nezumi again someday.

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