No.6 Episode 3 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Life and Death.
Episode Description:
Soon after escaping from No.6, Shion finds that he is also infected by a parasitic wasp. However, his reaction is much slower than the others, and he screams for Nezumi to remove it from his neck. The parasite is extracted by Nezumi and he survives, but not without taking its toll on his body: his hair is white, his eyes are red, and he has a red, snakelike scar coiling around his body. After recovering, Shion is taken by Nezumi to a hotel whose owner, Dogkeeper, rents dogs to keep the guests warm while sleeping. Shion finds that Nezumi contacted his mother and she sent a message to him. By analyzing the parasite, Shion concludes that when spring comes, a large number of them will emerge and kill their hosts, causing turmoil in the city. He predicts that the Holy Day will be the day all the parasites become active. By learning that such great tragedy will befall the place he loathes, Nezumi rejoices. When Shion states that the inhabitants of No.6 must be warned, Nezumi claims that if he insists in helping them even after he learns the truth, the two will become enemies.

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