No.6 Episode 9 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Stage of Disaster.
Episode Description:
Rikiga leads a client of his to a young girl, whom he has solicited to the client. The girl is really Inukashi in disguise, as this was a part of a plan devised by Shion, Nezumi, Dogkeeper and Rikiga. Inukashi, unable to deal with the man's advances, disrupts the facade in outrage. Nezumi and Rikiga bind and gag the man in order to get information from him, while Shion consoles Inukashi. The information they receive entails a map of the correctional facility in No.6, as well as word of a "pre-Holy Day cleaning operation." Back at their underground hideout, Shion discusses potential plans of their living conditions when the summer comes, idealizing that his mother and Safu live here together with him and Nezumi. Meanwhile, Karan walks through a festive No.6, as the inhabitants are preparing for the Holy Day. Back in the outskirts of the city, Shion asks Nezumi if he sent a message to his mother because he had finally come up with a plan. Suddenly, the town is attacked by No.6 military tanks, which Shion discovers were part of the "cleaning operation" he had asked Nezumi about earlier. The two flee to seek shelter from the raid, and in an alley, Shion finds an infant whose mother was killed by the blasts. He sends their guard dog off with the baby to Dogkeeper. The army then rounds up all the town's survivors, telling them they will be taken to the correctional facility--which had been Nezumi's plan all along. Meanwhile, Karan frets about Shion's safety, but Yoming assures her that Shion is fighting back and not to worry. He also informs her that the Twilight House was established to kill off all unneeded people of the city's elderly population, and that he will be sending out a message to his comrades to fight back against No.6. Karan then receives a message from one of Nezumi's rats, telling her that she will be reunited with Shion. In the transport trucks, Nezumi sings an old song to raise the hopes of the captured townsfolk, but tells Shion that a song will never save anyone. Meanwhile, Safu is mysteriously contacted by Elyurias right before she wakes up. Shion, Nezumi, and all the townsfolk are then loaded into the facility.

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