Occultic;Nine Episode 8 English Dubbed


Watch full Occultic;Nine Episode 8 English Dubbed streaming online. Occultic;Nine Episode 8 English dub online for free in HD. Happiness is a Warm Gun Yuta breaks down after seeing his own body, while Miyu shuts herself in her bedroom. Elsewhere, the albino boy brags to Ririka that he's a "chosen one" who cannot die due to the "Society of the Eight Gods of Fortune" injecting him with "scandium" so that he can live on after dying, but Ririka questions how far his abilities go if he can only see her. Later, Yuta wanders over to his late father's old radio station, only to be met by Asuka who probes him for information, mentioning that his father was formerly a high-ranking member of the Society, and that Society might be involved in the mass suicide case. Meanwhile, the members of the Society talk about using scandium in their plans for world domination. Later, Toko discovers that the editor-in-chief of her magazine is also involved with the Society's conspiracy and copies his flash drive to study the data. Miyu then receives a text from Chizuru's phone.

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