Ouran High School Host Club Episode 17 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Kyoya’s Reluctant Day Out!.
Episode Description:
Kyoya, whose low blood pressure makes him irritable upon awakening, is dragged out of bed by the Hosts and taken to a mall in order to study commoners. Left asleep on a bench, Kyoya awakens and notices he is without his wallet or cellphone. Luckily, he meets Haruhi and they spend the day together. Kyoya is curt but reveals that he is the youngest of three sons and, as such, finds it a challenge to surpass his exemplary brothers in order to meet his father's expectations. They encounter a vendor advertising fake pottery as genuine artwork and when a woman is about make a purchase, Kyoya steps in and reveals both his knowledge of art and the vendor's trickery. Haruhi is impressed by his altruism, but Kyoya claims the woman he helped is the wife of an influential man, whose possible alliance may benefit the Ootori family. They reunite with the Hosts and find Tamaki has purchased a dog which he names Antoinette. Haruhi comments to Kyoya that he really is a lot like Tamaki in his dedication to helping people even though he (Kyoya) pretends to not care. Kyoya is impressed by her insight.

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