Perfect Hair Forever Episode 4 - Happy Suck Day


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Episode Title:
Happy Suck Day.
Episode Description:
The episode begins with the Cat-Bun Wars in progress. The Young Man and his animals hear the battle from the ditch, which is in the middle of the battlefield. The Young Man tries to use the hamburger necklace, which is stolen by Astronomic Cat, along with his hand. The opening sequence plays, which shows neon-colored versions of all the characters flying around in the dark, with Gerald constantly walking. Space Cat takes the necklace and the Young Man's hand to Coiffio, who then demands Model Robot turn in into an A-Bomb. Model Robot does so, explodes, and sends Coiffio into space. He then sings a song about Model Robot. Coiffio drifts back to the ship, where Rod tries to buy his house from him. Coiffio commands Space Cat to run a background check on him. At the grocery store where Catman works, Catman sells a 12-pack of beer to a baby. Coiffio parachutes in to the front of the store, just to be run over by the drunk-driving baby and shot by Catman. The baby drives into the ditch with the Young Man and the animals. Uncle Grandfather tries to videotape a vacuum cleaner having sex with a cake, but is asked to end the Cat-Bun Wars. He does so by asking the leaders from the Cats and from the Buns to sign a peace treaty. The episode ends with the Young Man still stuck in the hole with the animals and the drunk baby. Coiffio is still after Gerald. Uncle Grandfather is still taping his porno about the vacuum and cake, when he is suddenly held at gunpoint by an MP. The credits roll, with neon Gerald walking far into the distance. The end theme is by DangerDoom.

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