Pink Panther and Pals Episode 61 A Fairly Pink Pumpkin


Watch full Pink Panther and Pals Episode 61 online full HD online. Cartoon video Pink Panther and Pals Episode 61 online for free in HD. A Fairly Pink Pumpkin. Farmer Big Nose dreams of having the best pumpkin in order to win the blue ribbon. But his hopes are dashed by Pink Panther, whom with his pumpkins, is able to top him in best pumpkin sculpture and racing. He also has a giant pumpkin that can easily win for heaviest weight, but Big Nose tries to sabotage Pinky, then steal it for himself. After a chase, the giant pumpkin is splattered, but Pink Panther is able to use it to win for best giant pumpkin pie and is awarded the blue ribbon.

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