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Episode Title:
No Longer Partners.
Episode Description:
Kazuki elaborates that she is dissolving Tsukasa and Isla's partnership on the basis that romantic relationships in the office are not allowed, and intends to reassign Tsukasa to her marksman Constance while she takes charge of Isla. Though Tsukasa protests against the decision, Isla immediately agrees, later explaining that it would be better for the both of them. At the office, Tsukasa confronts Kazuki about her decision, after which she reveals she only did it to protect them both from the inevitable pain that would've resulted. However, when Tsukasa proclaims he still intends on staying as Isla's spotter, Kazuki cryptically tells him to leave the situation to her. Later on, Tsukasa and Isla go out on separate retrieval missions with Constance and Kazuki, respectively. During her retrieval mission, Isla agrees to befriend Sarah, the Giftia in question, at the request of the owner Antonio Horizon, whose lifestyle as a mafia boss made it impossible for the Giftia to live a normal life. Simultaneously, Tsukasa and Constance talk about Isla's work performance and how she had closed herself off after Kazuki dissolved their partnership three years ago. Constance then tells Tsukasa that Kazuki has faith in entrusting him with Isla. Returning to the office, Kazuki reveals to Isla that she intentionally set her up for the mission and tries to convince her to stay with Tsukasa, saying that tearing herself away from him will only create painful memories for him. The following night, Isla muses about the unfulfilled expectations she had from her separation with Kazuki. The next day, she returns to the office, approaches Tsukasa, and explains her reason for rejecting him. Then, she proclaims that she wants to make more memories with him until the end and that she is in love with him.

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