Pokemon Movie 9: Ranger and the Temple of the Sea


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Episode Title:
Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.
Episode Description:
The film opens with a mysterious egg floating in the sea. It is suddenly captured by Phantom the Pirate. The egg is snatched by one of his crew members who is actually a Pokémon ranger named Jack “Jackie” Walker in disguise and he manages escape Phantom’s ship with the egg with the help of a Mantine. Meanwhile Ash, Pikachu, May, Max and Brock are continuing their journey only to find them in an open wasteland without any water. They run into the Marina Group, a family traveling performance group meeting Elizabeth, her parents Kyle and Meredith, and her grandfather Chip and they own water-type Pokémon and psychic-type Pokémon who also perform for their shows, including a familiar clown...

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