Pokemon The Movie 7: Destiny Deoxys


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Episode Title:
Destiny Deoxys.
Episode Description:
A mysterious meteorite is hurtling towards the earth. During its entry into the atmosphere, it almost wounds Rayquaza, a sky guardian and the strongest dragon in the world. The meteorite crashes into a polar zone, revealing two egg-shaped objects. The purple egg regenerates into a Deoxys and picks up the green egg. Rayquaza descends from the ozone layer to fight the invader. A battle ensues, destroying a nearby research site and traumatizing a young boy, scared by a stampede of Spheal, Sealeo, and Walrein. The purple Deoxys traps Rayquaza and is about to beat it, but it is distracted by electricity from broken computers, giving Rayquaza a chance to obliterate the purple Deoxys with its Hyper Beam. Deoxys goes back to egg form and falls into the sea, while some researchers take the green egg with them. Beneath the sea, the injured Deoxys regenerates and waits. The green egg appears somewhere in Hoenn....

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