Polly Pocket Episode 17 - Snowball Effect


Watch full Polly Pocket Episode 17 online full HD online. Cartoon video Polly Pocket Episode 17 online for free in HD. During Spring Break, the girls split up: Shani goes to Hawaii with her folks, Lila stays at home, and Polly joins her Grandma Penelope and the Pocket Clan at the Rocky Tonky Mountains for the Cold Fest competition. There, Polly learns about Grandma's past as a winter athlete and epic fail while racing a teenage Griselle Grande. In the present, the Grandes try to snatch the locket by forcing Polly to crash, but fail during all three rounds. Eventually, Gwen slips her tongue, and the Pockets learn not only about their plan, but that Griselle sabotaged Grandma's sled when they were young. Having recorded the confession on camera, the Grandes are disqualified and the Pockets' vacay can resume.

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