Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 - New Recruits


Watch full Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 online full HD online. Cartoon video Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 online for free in HD. Void Knight sends Mucus, Sporix Beast Draknarok, and his new robotic general Boomtower, to steal the Nephrite Orb from the city museum to make Boomtower invincible. At Amelia's insistence, Zayto applies for a reporter job at BuzzBlast, but goes up against musician Javi Garcia. As such, Jane sets them both a reporting task for their application. Javi must study the Nephrite Orb whilst Zayto must interview athlete and Javi's step-sister, Izzy Garcia. Javi's interview is cut short when the Orb is stolen, and Zayto must end his to stop the monsters. During the battle, Boomtower drops the Orb and Javi steals it while Izzy helps the Rangers locate her brother. After the Rangers rescue the siblings from Boomtower, Javi smashes the Orb, which contained the lost Green and Black Dino Keys. Izzy and Javi bond with them and turn into the Green and Black Rangers respectively. The five Rangers defeat and force Boomtower and Mucus to retreat whilst Draknarok enlarges, though the Rangers summon the Dino Fury Megazord to defeat him and reclaim his Sporix. After introducing the Garcias to Solon, the Rangers return to BuzzBlast, where they learn Javi got the job for his valor in protecting the Orb.

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