Power Rangers Jungle Fury Episode 24 Blue Ranger, Twin Danger


Watch full Power Rangers Jungle Fury Episode 24 online full HD online. Cartoon video Power Rangers Jungle Fury Episode 24 online for free in HD. Blue Ranger, Twin Danger. With the masters in their possession, the Phantoms have a new weapon, the Spirit Rangers. Meanwhile, Theo's twin brother Luen (Aljin Abella in a dual role) shows up and causes trouble at JKP. One of the Phantom Beasts begins capturing the Rangers within mirror-like discs but mistakingly captures Luen believing him to be Theo. Theo fights the phantom and manages to free all of the Rangers and Luen who learns of his brother's secret of being a Ranger. The Phantom Beast is then destroyed by the ranger's combined might. Later RJ is psychically contacted by his father to help in defeating the Spirit Rangers.

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