Power Rangers Zeo Episode 40 The Joke's on Blue


Watch full Power Rangers Zeo Episode 40 online full HD online. Cartoon video Power Rangers Zeo Episode 40 online for free in HD. The Joke's on Blue. There's a new student at Angel Grove High as well as two detectives that intend to replace Bulk and Skull. Practical jokes run rampant and it seems that no one is safe, so Bulk and Skull and their competition are hired to find the culprits. It's Tanya and Katherine who discover who's behind it and are surprised at what they find. They later use the info to expose the rival detectives as the pranksters with the help of the novelty shop owner. Meanwhile on the Moon, Zedd and Rita exiles Rito and Goldar out of their mobile base for their failures to recapture Louie Kaboom until they find something that could help them. Prince Sprocket is less than thrilled when his brother, Prince Gasket, and his wife Archerina arrive. After Machina tells them of their plight, Gasket and Archerina hatch a plan to get rid of Louie Kaboom by making him fall in love with Archerina and making him do her bidding. Goldar and Rito witness the whole exchange and attempt to tell Zedd and Rita, only to learn they have already known about it.

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