Pretear Episode 13 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
The Legend of White Snow.
Episode Description:
Takako, after weeping tearfully as Sasame begins to die, becomes engulfed in the Great Tree of Fenrir, wreaking havoc in the city. Himeno allows Hayate to merge into her in order to save Takako. The other Leafe Knights then give up their leafe energy in an attempt to strengthen Himeno. Hayate, as Himeno is being attacked by the vines and roots, shields her from getting hurt, greatly weakening him. She then transforms into the White Prétear and releases a lot of leafe energy, rescuing Takako and reviving Sasame as white snow falls from the sky, restoring the city. As Himeno gravely lies on the ground, Hayate kisses her, miraculously resurrecting her.

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