Pretear Episode 2 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter.
Episode Description:
Himeno, using Hayate's wind sword, breaks through the core of the water demon, thereby destroying it and restoring the leafe energy. Himeno is surprised to find out from Kei and Go that the Leafe Knights act as a sword or shield for the Prétear in battle. Sasame merges into Himeno as a trial run, in which she is able to hear sounds from far distances and project a sonic arrow from her mouth. Himeno views Sasame as one who encourages her to become stronger, different from how she views Hayate. Meanwhile, it is seen that Mawata Awayuki feels depressed over the death of her previous father, questioning the meaning of existence. She later encounters a trash demon that arises inside an alley. Sasame merges into Himeno, being able to defeat the trash demon.

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