Pretear Episode 9 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Unreachable Melody.
Episode Description:
Mawata has been staying inside her bedroom ever since she witnessed Himeno and Hayate hugging each other at the beach. Himeno senses the presence of Takako somewhere in the mansion, and the Leafe Knights split up to go search after her. Her family, as well as Yayoi Takato, believe that a ghost is hiding, so they go on a hunt, but not to much luck. Himeno ponders how Hayate feels about her. Mawata tells Mikage about her previous father, whom she had felt most connected to before he died. Mikage then advises her to accept her feelings and be honest with herself to others. Sasame, after realizing that Mikage is actually Takako, not only confesses his love for her, but also chooses to side with her.

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