Psycho-Pass Episode 18 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
A Promise Written on Water.
Episode Description:
As Ginoza discovers that he is unauthorized to investigate the crash site of Makishima's carrier, Kasei reassigns him on recapturing Makishima and requests that Kogami should be taken off the case. Kogami suspects that something is amiss behind the whole order, believing there is something Kasei is hiding from them. Agreeing with him, Ginoza arranges for Kogami to be transferred to Division 2 who are in charge of investigating Shuusei's whereabouts. However, they are confronted by Kasei, who tries to get Ginoza to kill Kogami, but luckily Akane knocks him out with Paralyzer mode before anything can happen. Upon awakening, Kogami borrows one of the helmets from Shion and retrieves keys to a safehouse from Masaoka before leaving the MWPSB, explaining in a letter to Akane that the only way where he can stop Makishima is to step outside of the law.

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