Psycho-Pass Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Nobody Knows Your Face.
Episode Description:
Ginoza and his team nearly got ambushed when they track the murderer to a bomb-rigged hideout. Kogami, who had analyzed Akane's chats with Spooky Boogie and the guest data on the idols' communities, determines the identity of the murderer, who goes by the name of Masatake Midou. Meanwhile, Midou receives a warning not to disappoint Makishima. Masaoka, Akane, and Kogami close in on the suspect and manage to severely wound him before he flees to the safety of his avatars - who turn on him under Makishima's command. The group apprehends the suspect, and later Ginoza reveals to Akane his reasons about his attitude to Enforcers. It turns out that his former partner is Kogami who used to be an Inspector before his Crime Coefficient went high due to a cold case, where one of his Enforcers was killed.

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