Rage no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 12 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Rage of Bahamut.
Episode Description:
Belzebuth rejoices in Bahamut's awakening, but Bahamut responds by destroying Belzebuth and then proceeding to blast everything in sight, gods, demons and humans. Rita saves the falling Kaisar and reveals that Lavalley is really Gilles de Rais, a sorcerer with a bounty, and the one behind Bahamut's revival. Kaisar attempts to attack Lavalley and finds that he is Martinet as well. Elsewhere, Azazel finishes off Belzebuth, extracting his revenge. Favaro begins combat Kaisar, but Favaro appears to gain the upper hand and cuts off Kaisar's forearm with the bounty armband attached. Kaisar quickly recites the incantation turning Lavalley into a bounty tablet. Rita tends to Kaisar's wounds while Favaro reveals that the fight was an act and that Kaisar shot him with an arrow containing the antidote, turning him back to normal. Favaro declares that he must kill Amira to stop the beast and Kaisar decides to join him, but still hoping to save her life. The demons and angels work together to contain the beast, allowing Favaro and Kaisar to approach it on Hamsa's back. With tears in his eyes Favaro stabs Bahamut with the claw he pulled from the dragon earlier. Amira then appears before him and they reconcile before she kisses Favaro and disappears back inside Bahamut, causing the beast to explode. Hamsa saves Kaisar, but Favaro is caught in the blast which destroys part of his leg. Half a year later in the royal capital Kaisar has a mechanical hand created by Rita and commands the soldiers as a lieutenant with his knighthood intact. Favaro is alive with a mechanical right leg and is back to bounty hunting, though he cautions that Bahamut is not gone forever and may return someday. Kaisar suddenly joins him, forsaking his military duties, and the two ride off together.

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