Rage no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 3 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Fog of Nebelville.
Episode Description:
With the God Key taken from sacred ground, the boundaries between godkind and demonkind has begun to crumble. Favaro and Amira continue their way toward Helheim but detour for a bounty to earn more funds for their journey. Meanwhile Kaisar becomes lost in a forest, but is found by a girl called Rita and taken to Nebelville. Amira tells Favaro about "the incident" when she stole the God Key by absorbing its soul into herself. The punishment resulted in her losing one of her wings, leaving her flightless. Kaisar's rescuers implore him to help in dispatching monsters plaguing the town. Kaisar warms to the doctor's daughter, Rita, recalling his upbringing as a knight and the disaster that befell his family. Upon confronting the monsters it is revealed that they are Favaro and Amira and Kaisar was duped by an illusion. The village really is rundown and inhabited by zombies commanded by Rita who is really a necromancer. She and has controlled the town for the past 200 years, but is bitten by her zombie parents and Favaro and Amira collect the bounty on the demon inhabiting her book. Kaisar is unwilling to decapitate Rita as she is still alive, and then she follows him.

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