Rage no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Rescue in Sword Valley.
Episode Description:
In the holy land of Abos, Heaven's forces try to maintain the barrier around Bahamut as it begins to crumble. Far below, Favaro and Rita chase the demons who captured Amira and Kaisar, although Favaro would rather leave them. In the demon Azazel's floating fortress Amira is tortured for information about the God's Key while Kaisar watches on helplessly. Rita and Favaro borrow the god Bacchus' flying carriage after Favaro proves his commitment by breaking his bounty hunter's band, making him an ordinary outlaw. The two then manage to break into the fortress but become separated when Azazel goads Kaisar into fighting Favaro although Rita quickly breaks up the fight. Outside, Jeanne d'Arc's Knights charge the demon fortress, causing a diversion which allows Favaro, Rita and Kaisar to rescue Amira, only to end up before Azazel. Favaro realizes Azazel is the demon responsible for his father's death. When Azazel attacks Amira a mysterious force within her sends him tumbling below although he now realizes who is behind Amira's quest.

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