Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer


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Episode Title:
Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.
Episode Description:
When Rainbow Brite (Bettina Bush) and her magical horse, Starlite (Andre Stojka), go to Earth to start spring, they meet Stormy (Marissa Mendenhall), another magical girl who controls winter with her horse, Skydancer (Peter Cullen). She, however, doesn't want to end her winter fun, so Rainbow battles her for control over the season. She proves to be no match for Rainbow and Starlite, who outrun her and head off to Earth. When they arrive, they meet up with Brian (Scott Menville), the only boy on Earth who can "see" them. Once Rainbow tries to start spring, however, her power weakens and winter remains. Brian becomes worried that spring will never come and senses that all of humanity is losing hope. Even Stormy is confused. Reassuring Brian that they will do what they can to return spring, Rainbow and Starlite return to Rainbowland. Rainbow is paid a visit by On-X (Pat Fraley), a strange robotic horse with rockets for legs. Rainbow takes the mission to find Orin and later learns that Spectra is dimming as the result of a massive net being woven around the surface. It is being made so that a selfish princess (Rhonda Aldrich), known only as the "Dark Princess", can steal Spectra, "the greatest diamond in all the universe", for herself, and tow it back to her world with her massive spaceship. The native Sprites of Spectra, enslaved by Glitterbots under the princess' control, are being forced to weave the net. Now Rainbow has to stop the princess' plan before all life on Earth is frozen solid by an endless winter...

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