Rideback Episode 12 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
To the Lighted Stage.
Episode Description:
Tamayo's fuel tank is shot. Rin baits the Rideback models to chase her. The BMA and the GGP engage in combat. In the midst of the firefight, GGP is ordered to stand down. Kiefer and Romanof have a face off, however, Romanof is shot by Misawo. Meanwhile, Rin leads the Ridebacks to the location where Suzuri died and fights them. She "dances"/rides with Feugo, and it's beautiful. The news cameras are rolling catching every jump and everyone can see her, from her best friend to her little brother in jail. As Rin finishes, snowflakes to fall. Soon after, the GGP steps down from total government control and Tomayo's father is put in charge. A new school year has begun, the Rideback club is up and running again. The final scene is similar to the beginning, with cherry blossoms falling. Rin ends the episode by saying, "I'm back."

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