Robot Carnival OVA English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Robot Carnival OVA.
Episode Description:
9 of Japan's leading animators were asked to create a short segment that followed the theme of "Robots," for their inclusion in this film. Essentially, this "movie" is 9 short films, all independant of one another. The common element is human interaction with robots, namely the consequences of creating life with one's own hands, played in nine very different ways. 1: Opening (Atsuko Fukushima and Katsuhiro Otomo) 2: Franken's Gears (Koji Morimoto) 3: Deprive (Hidetoshi Omori) 4: Presence (Yasuomi Umetsu) 5: Star Light Angel (Hiroyuki Kitazume) 6: Cloud (Mao Lamdo) 7: A Tale of Two Robots (Hiroyuki Kitakubo) 8: Nightmare (Takashi Nakamura) 9: Ending (Atsuko Fukushima and Katsuhiro Otomo)

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