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Episode Title:
Triumphant Warriors.
Episode Description:
Lady Kayura battles Talpa and his soldiers and is joined by the Dark Warlords who are now on the side of good. Ryo, Kento and Cye reunite and head off to find Talpa while Mia, Ully, White Blaze, Rowen and Sage meet up as well. The Dark Warlords completely reject Talpa and are joined by Ryo, Kento and Cye, but Talpa warns them that once the sun is completely dark, the mortal world will absorbed by the Nether Realm and he will be completely victorious. Badamon and the Nether Spirits, rejoicing in this, fly through the gateway to the mortal world. Ryo tries Flare Up Now on Talpa, but he just jumps in the river and puts out the flames and climbs a tower. Lady Kayura warns Ryo to be careful as the tower is filled with the essence of pain and is behind the Dynasty's evil power and it could turn Ryo evil like she once was. Talpa transports the tower and himself into the mortal world where its influence brings out the worst in humanity and makes people turn on each other. Everyone travels back to the mortal world to continue the fight and the Ronin Warriors combine their armors upon Ryo once more to form the Inferno Armor and he unleashes a column of flame that destroys Badamon. Mia, Ully and Black Blaze arrive with the Soul Swords and using them, Ryo battles Talpa and unleashes the Rage of Inferno, but Talpa is able to turn the attack aside and incapacitate Ryo. Talpa then tries to absorb him, but urged on by the spirit of Anubis, Ryo doesn't give up and instead projects his body and soul into Talpa, holding him still so the other Warriors have a clear shot at him. Reluctantly as they might kill Ryo and all crying, the Ronin Warriors slash Talpa with their weapons, fatally injuring him. Ully calls out for Ryo to be saved and the Jewel of Life sends out a beam of energy that pulls Ryo safely out of Talpa as he explodes into pieces, finally destroyed while his tower and its influence as well as the Nether Realm disappear. Ryo thanks Ully for saving his life and everyone celebrates by throwing off their helmets, causing their armors to disappear. Lady Kayura congratulates the Warriors on defeating Talpa and as they are no longer needed, she and the former Dark Warlords return to the Nether Realm to rebuild while everyone celebrates by playing a game of catch with a ball of energy created by the Jewel.

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