Ronin Warriors OVA Legend Of the Inferno Armor Episode 2 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Black Inferno.
Episode Description:
Ryo and Sage awaken in a distant land and decide to venture out at dawn. Rowen and Kento discuss the Black Inferno Armor and try to concoct a plan to find it, as well as Ryo and Sage. Cye tells the others he believes that their attempts will be helpless as they were not strong enough to overcome him, angering Kento. Kento blames Cye's hesitancy for Ryo and Sage's disappearance, to which Cye responds that he is tired of fighting and no longer wants to live the life of a Ronin Warrior. Rowen tells Cye that this is their destiny, to which he physically attacks both Rowen and Kento. Rowen then throws his Armor of Torrent into the lake. Ryo and Sage deduce that they are in Africa, and soon encounter the African warrior as well as a maiden. The African warrior again overpowers the Ryo and Sage, shattering their helmets and knocking them unconscious. The African maiden speaks to the warrior, whose name is revealed as Mukala, and asks why he brought the Ronin Warriors to fight in a distant land and if that is what the Black Inferno Armor wants. Mia notices that there is no record of the Black Inferno Armor, but is able to deduce that Mukala is located in Tanzania based on dialogue that they heard from him. Ryo and Sage are freed by the African maiden, who reveals her name as Naria and is engaged to Mukala, who is following an ancient tradition. As the strongest warrior in the village, he is able to don the Black Inferno Armor. Naria says that the White Inferno Armor and Black Inferno Armor cannot meet and begs them not to fight. Ryo tells Naria that he cannot summon his Inferno Armor without the others. Naria is surprised, saying that Mukala is able to summon the Black Inferno on his own, and that it may be testing Ryo and the White Inferno Armor. She also says the Black Inferno Armor is worshiped in their tribe, the Taulagi, as a god. Ryo is soon called to fight Mukala in a ritual, which Naria is vehemently against. She frees Ryo and Sage but they are soon found by Mukala. Ryo and Sage attack Mukala with their strongest moves, but Mukala emerges from the rubble unscathed.

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