Ronja Rövardotter Episode 17 English Dubbed


Watch full Ronja Rövardotter Episode 17 English Dubbed streaming online. Ronja Rövardotter Episode 17 English dub online for free in HD. Moving Out. For three days Ronja looks for Birk in the forest but doesn't find him while Mattis refuses to eat and remains in bed in a catatonic state. The Mattis Robbers are restless and downhearted as their raiding has been put on hold until Mattis is better while Ronja wonders where Birk is and feels lonely. On the fourth day Ronja finds Birk in the forest and he tells her he's moving out of Borka's Keep and into the forest as he can't stand his parent's nagging anymore. Ronja has the idea of moving in with Birk as she can't put up with Mattis' silent treatment any longer and thinks of living in the Bear's Cave, her father's childhood summer place. That night Ronja sneaks out of the castle with supplies and tells the robbers who are on guard duty goodbye before meeting up with Birk at the cave.

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