RWBY Season 4 Episode 4 - Family


Watch full RWBY Season 4 Episode 4 full HD online. RWBY Episode 44 online for free in HD. Oscar, the young farmboy, is finishing his work for the day. He walks into the barn and looks into a mirror. Suddenly, he hears Professor Ozpin's voice, who introduces himself. Oscar falls down in shock, causing his aunt to call out for him. On Patch, Yang has a nightmare, in which Adam approaches her in the ruins of Beacon while she is unable to defend herself, as her weapon and right arm appear and then disappear. She wakes when she hears voices downstairs. Professor Port and Dr. Oobleck are visiting Taiyang, who shares a story about Team STRQ's time in Beacon and a prank that he played on Qrow. Yang joins them, but soon starts to argue with Taiyang about being an adult. The topic of the bionic arm comes up, and Port asks why she hasn't tried it on yet. Oobleck points out that advanced Atlas technology is rarely given out like this. Yang admits that she is scared of moving on, and explains that life with one arm is "normal" now. The adults console her, Port offers advice about fear, and Taiyang states that he will be there for her when she is ready. Later, Yang overhears Port and Oobleck leaving. They mention that Glynda Goodwitch is running the Academy now, and also ask Taiyang about Ruby. He reveals that he would go after her if he wouldn't need to look after Yang. Meanwhile, Team RNJR travels to a small town, Higanbana. They mention that they haven't encountered a lot of Grimm, and it is revealed that Qrow has been shadowing them, while also killing most of the Grimm on their path. Ruby, Jaune, Ren, and Nora stay in an inn, and Qrow watches them from a nearby tavern. A barmaid brings him a drink from another women upstairs, whom Qrow joins. The woman is his sister, Raven. In the conversation between the siblings, it is revealed that Raven is now the leader of a tribe of bandits. This tribe once raised her and Qrow, who, unlike his sister, never returned to the "bunch of murderers". The same tribe also recently attacked Shion village. Raven wants to know if Salem has "the relic", while Qrow asks for information on the Spring Maiden's location. He also criticizes her for not caring about her family, especially Yang, although Raven knows what happened to her. His sister replies that Qrow left "their family", the tribe. Qrow's attempts at getting Raven to join his side again fail, and their argument ends with no one getting an answer. Raven leaves through a portal, scaring the approaching barmaid. Yang comes out of the house with her new arm attached. Taiyang notices her, and says that they "can get started" now.

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