RWBY Volume 1 Episode 5 Players and Pieces


You are going to Watch RWBY Volume 1 Episode 5 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons RWBY Episode 5 Online The eight featured students end up meeting each other at the temple: Ruby and Weiss fall off a Nevermore (a giant Grimm bird), Nora and Ren come out of the forest after taking down an Ursa, Jaune collides with a falling Ruby and still manages to catch a falling Weiss, and Pyrrha soon appears as well, chased by the Deathstalker. Ruby initiates an attack on the Deathstalker, but the Nevermore pins her down with its feathers. After Weiss saves Ruby, she concludes that they need to cooperate. To complete the mission, the pairs collect the temple chess pieces. In order to return to Beacon, the eight characters must now fight a battle with the two major Grimm creatures: the Nevermore and the Deathstalker. Working together, they make their way to a stone bridge crossing. However, the Nevermore rams the bridge and splits the eight characters. Eventually, the battle separates into Team RWBY vs. the Nevermore and Team JNPR vs. the Deathstalker. After some ineffective long range strikes, Ruby comes up with a plan against the Nevermore. In the meantime, team JNPR use their combined strengths to take down their enemy. Likewise, team RWBY use their combined power to pin the Nevermore and give Ruby the opportunity to behead it. Afterwards at Beacon, the teams are ceremoniously formed, with Jaune appointed leader of JNPR and Ruby leader of RWBY. Elsewhere, Roman Torchwick is seen plotting when a henchman gives him a case of Dust crystals.

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