RWBY Volume 1 Episode 8 Forever Fall


You are going to Watch RWBY Volume 1 Episode 8 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons RWBY Episode 8 Online In their dorm room, Team JNPR is concerned about Jaune's recent tendency to be home late. Jaune is peeking in when Ruby comes up to Jaune from behind and asks him about he has been doing. Jaune vaguely describes his situation and says he is a failure, but Ruby tells him failure is no longer an option now that he is a leader. Jaune then receives a message from Cardin asking him to collect some wasps. The next day, the students are with Glynda Goodwitch on a class field trip to the Forever Fall forest to collect jars of sap from the trees. After Jaune does the work for Team CRDL, Cardin orders him to throw an extra jar at Pyrrha to get the wasps to go after her. Jaune refuses and throws the jar at Cardin instead, prompting the members of CRDL to grab Jaune. & Cardin and Lark are beating up Jaune when an Ursa shows up and starts attacking Cardin, attracted by the red sap. As his teammates flee, a disarmed Cardin is left behind with the Ursa. When the fleeing members of CRDL run past the RWBY team and the other members of team JNPR, Pyrrha, Weiss, and Ruby go to help Jaune and find him fighting to protect Cardin. Weiss prepares to intervene, but Pyrrha holds her back and instead uses her magnetic ability to move Jaune's shield so that it blocks the Ursa's paw swipe and allows Jaune an opening to cut off the Ursa's head. After helping Cardin up, Jaune orders Cardin to leave his team alone. Later that night, Jaune and Pyrrha reconcile on the roof, and Jaune accepts her previous offer to train him.

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