RWBY: World of Remnant Season 3 Episode 1 - Vale


Watch full RWBY: World of Remnant Season 3 Episode 1 full HD online. Cartoon video RWBY: World of Remnant Episode 9 online for free in HD. Qrow introduces Remnant; a world where towns constantly rise and fall against Grimm. Currently, the Faunus race holds the island continent of Menagerie, while the four kingdoms - Vale, Mistral, Atlas, Vacuo - are the "sweet spots" to live in. Vale, located on the northeastern end of the largest continent Sanus, is a kingdom protected by two natural barriers - mountains in the east and shallow waters on the northwest-coast, making it very defensible. The kingdom consists of Vale - its namesake main city - along with a few smaller cities along the northwest coastline. There is also the small island of Patch, off the coast across from the capital, which Qrow claims a nice place to raise a family - as Ruby and Yang were. Attempts to extend the kingdom past the mountains, such as the Mountain Glenn project, have been colossal failures. Qrow states Vale is "not half bad", as regular climate, natural barriers and serious border defense enable citizens to live their lives instead of fighting for survival, though the Fall of Beacon has now left people concerned.

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