Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist Episode 10 - Full of Hot Air


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Episode Title:
Full of Hot Air.
Episode Description:
After receiving a science lesson and demonstration about the effects of hot air from Fagin, Dodger talks Oliver and Charlie into building a hot air balloon to host a ride up and down in the air. However, after completing the balloon, Annushka unwittingly unties the rope holding the balloon to the ground and ends up flying with the boys in it over London. After a bird pokes a hole in the balloon, a whining, homesick Annushka and the boys end up lost in a forest. The boys head into the forest to find something to help repair the balloon before a storm arrives while Annushka stays behind. After much difficulty, the boys finally repair the balloon using tree sap, but their happiness is cut short when a forest fire appears. Once they're up in the air again and using salt from the weight bags, they are able to create rain to put out the fire just in time before it spreads. After making it back home, Dodger ends up being chased by an angry Annushka after joking with her about a charge for the ride.

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