Samurai Warriors Episode 10 English Dubbed


Watch full Samurai Warriors Episode 10 English Dubbed streaming online. Samurai Warriors Episode 10 English dub online for free in HD. Extraordinary Fortress The fighting is staged on three fronts. Yukimura defends the south against Takatora, and Keiji protects the east from Kanetsugu. Western gates have the Date army clashing against Kiyomasa and Masanori. The Toyotomi defend their ground well due to exploiting the castle moats and Sanada Maru for a month. Before the Toyotomi concoct a December counteroffensive, Ieyasu arranges for long ranged cannons to directly bombard the main keep. Kunoichi volunteers to take them out alone to allow Yukimura to redirect their defenses. She is mildly successful but is forced to withdraw when she is injured by Takatora. Cannon fire continues for several days and morale on both sides is diminishing. Nobuyuki proposes an armistice before the Tokugawa forces lose to the winter frost. Ieyasu refuses to a cease fire, driving the elder Sanada to approach the Toyotomi himself. Kanetsugu approves his courage and agrees to assist him. Her husband leaves her to avoid placing her in danger; Inahime loses her composure hearing the jeering Hidetada and slaps him. Formations are slightly changed in the next shown charge. This time Kanetsugu and Yukimura's armies face one another, and Keiji duels Tadakatsu. The Date counter the western moats by charging in with their makeshift bridges and infiltrate the castle ground. Kiyomasa takes the bullet from Masamune's pistol for Masanori and dies. Meanwhile, Nobuyuki alone infiltrates the Sanada Maru's hidden entrances to make his way into the main keep. He proposes the truce to Hideyori directly, and Hideyori rationally agrees to it. With peace declared, the cannons stop and each side licks their wounds. Nobuyuki leaves the castle, warning his brother that their next fight shall be to the death.

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