Samurai Warriors Episode 12 English Dubbed


Watch full Samurai Warriors Episode 12 English Dubbed streaming online. Samurai Warriors Episode 12 English dub online for free in HD. Mightiest Warrior in Japan ar breaks out with the Toyotomi forces pushing towards the Tokugawa center. Their goal is to distract the main forces away from Yukimura's lone charge towards Ieyasu. Nobuyuki catches onto his brother's plan yet he is obstructed by Keiji. Masanori squares off against Masamune to avenge his friends, eventually disarming him with a definitive punch to the gut. Kaihime fights until the castle is threatened, rushing back to check on her family's safety. A lone Tadakatsu rides towards the battle and intercepts Yukimura. During their duel, Kunoichi spots three Tokugawa snipers and is shot taking them out. Yukimura grieves for her until he notices that Mitsunari's keepsake had prevented the bullet from being fatal. He gains the courage he needs to land a decisive blow on Tadakatsu, impressing the veteran to concede defeat for his last battle. Tadakatsu respectfully watches over the unconscious Kunoichi for him. Nobuyuki is relieved of Keiji shortly after when Kanetsugu replaces him. Both brothers ride towards Ieyasu. Finding the resolve to speak his thoughts as a leader, Hidetada calmly orders Takatora to capture the main keep of Osaka Castle before the war escalates. By the time the general arrives, the main keep is set ablaze by Hideyori. All three leaders feel the era of war has ended, and Hideyori decides to end it with his demise. Defeat halts the Toyotomi ranks yet Yukimura persists to challenge Ieyasu. Nobuyuki catches up with him and fights him to defend Ieyasu. Their duel injures both brothers and is interrupted when Hidetada rides closer with reinforcements. After he again entrusts the future of their clan to his brother, Yukimura chooses to die a warrior's death by charging towards the Tokugawa infantry. His death marks the start of a peaceful age. In the voiceless credits montage, Kaihime is living with the surviving castle maids. Masanori makes a grave for his friends and pays his respects. The others enjoy the era of peace and restoration. Kunoichi recovers from her injuries thanks to Tadakatsu's patronage. She returns to Ueda Castle to fulfill her promise to Yukimura, leaving Mitsunari's keepsake underneath the blooming cherry tree.

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