Samurai Warriors Episode 3 English Dubbed


Watch full Samurai Warriors Episode 3 English Dubbed streaming online. Samurai Warriors Episode 3 English dub online for free in HD. Storm at Ueda Castle Movements for Sekigahara starts with each side splitting their forces. Hidetada and Nobuyuki are entrusted to be the mountain supply line; Kagekatsu's attempt to attack Ieyasu's flank is foiled by the Date forces. While the Uesugi clash with the Date in Aizu, Yukimura rallies the men at Ueda Castle to fight for Mitsunari. Although they are aghast to learn the older Sanada brother is their foe, Yukimura restores morale by declaring that their reunion will come with Mitsunari's victory. In spite of everything that has transpired, Yukimura remembers the days when the Sanada clan became homeless after the Takeda's fall. The brothers created Ueda Castle together and he treasures it as the clan's only home. Sincerely believing in his brother's return, he intends to protect it by using the tactics his brother taught him during their childhood. Hidetada's forces near Ueda Castle and the Tokugawa heir seeks to topple it with numbers. Nobuyuki suspects his brother's intentions and tries to remind his liege of their current mission, yet Hidetada believes he is selfishly protecting Yukimura and ignores his recommendations. As he had predicted, the ill prepared Tokugawa troops become victims to a Sanada ambush the next day. The brothers are forced into a duel when Nobuyuki protects Hidetada's escape; Nobuyuki flees after Hidetada is safe. Cross with his failure, Hidetada declares he will continue attacking the castle. During their night reprieve, both siblings reflect on their actions and renew their conflicted resolve. Meanwhile, Mitsunari and Ieyasu's forces have reached Sekigahara. Each side uses the night to rest and consider their movements the next day, many characters repeating key lines they share in the base game. Dawn gives Yukimura strength to attack, and he charges into battle. The episode ends with Yukimura rushing straight for Hidetada.

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