Samurai Warriors Episode 5 English Dubbed


Watch full Samurai Warriors Episode 5 English Dubbed streaming online. Samurai Warriors Episode 5 English dub online for free in HD. Life's Destination Ueda Castle is given to Nobuyuki and Yukimura is placed under house arrest. Kunoichi attempts to cheer her master by offering him chestnuts and sticky rice. Her fondness for the treat causes her to reminisce about their childhood days together. Yukimura, however, is preparing himself for his honorable execution. He solemnly terminates her contract to him, urging her to live her own life through her tearful protests. News of Mitsunari's defeat spreads to the west and east. Kanetsugu mourns for his friend as he suggests for the Uesugi to retreat. Nene inspects the battered Sekigahara and weeps when she discovers Mitsunari's broken headpiece. Osaka Castle is buzzing with anxiety, many worried that the Toyotomi will be next. Kaihime, who had been sent to live there after the Hōjō's fall, calms the maids and asks Hideyori for his thoughts in his garden. The young lord faintly concedes to Ieyasu's progress in Toyotomi servitude. The final agenda in the Tokugawa conference is deciding Yukimura's fate. Hidetada urges for his death due to the lives he took at Ueda Castle, yet Tadakatsu and Inahime cite that Hidetada's impetuousness led to Yukimura's retaliation. Takatora stresses that Yukimura is too dangerous to leave alive. In spite of his sincere affections for his brother, Nobuyuki prioritizes the dream of peace and advocates for the death sentence. Ieyasu surprises the room when he commands for Yukimura's exile at Mt. Koya. He scolds the whining Hidetada and places his son under house arrest for his disgraceful conduct. Nobuyuki personally delivers the decree to Ueda Castle; Yukimura is upset to be forced to live in shame and declares his intent to commit suicide in Mitsunari's memory. The older brother snarls for Yukimura to survive and reevaluate his own life; the Sanada's fate now lies in Nobuyuki's hands. During the evening hours, several parties reflect on the verdict. Nobuyuki vents his personal regrets for abandoning Yukimura to Inahime. A bedridden Naomasa curses that the wound he received from Sakon prevented his attendance as he would have made Yukimura perish. Tadakatsu admits his earnest surprise for his lord's mercy and his praise for Yukimura's tenacity. Ieyasu elaborates his intentions to realize peace by driving the definitive nail through perpetual warfare; by sparing the young hero now, he can sacrifice Yukimura to end all samurai values later. Hidetada throws a tantrum in his personal quarters and blames the Sanada responsible for his misfortune. Kotarō cryptically sneaks in with the offer to end his adversaries. Yukimura leaves Ueda the next day. He requests for the cherry blossom tree to be cared for and pardons his group of subordinates to serve his brother. Kunoichi resolves to be with him with Inahime's silent understanding. Losing control over his emotions during their departure, Nobuyuki strains a futile wail to his brother's retreating figure. The episode ends with Ieyasu being named shogun.

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