Sanzoku no Musume Ronja Episode 22 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Only This Summer.
Episode Description:
Ronja and Birk try to escape the river current as they are swept toward the waterfall as the harpies fly overhead. Ronja almost doesn't make it but Birk helps her to shore and the two exhausted children rest. When they get back to the cave Lovis is waiting for them. Birk storms past without a word and when Ronja asks if he'll greet her mother he remarks he doesn't greet uninvited guests. Ronja scolds him for lacking manners and rushes to her mother in relief. Ronja tells Lovis she'll never return to the fort but her mother says Mattis will throw himself into the river if she doesn't return. Ronja is skeptical but Lovis goes on to say Mattis cries and calls for Ronja in his sleep. Ronja says he will never come to ask her back home and she'll never return until he does. In the morning Birk admits he's a coward, only acting as if Ronja is his sister when they're alone since he's afraid of her leaving him. Birk resolves to only talk of the present since it's summer and they'll spend that together, but Ronja say she'll stay no matter the season. The two continue to enjoy their summer days together as winter draws closer.

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