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Episode Title:
The Call of Spring.
Episode Description:
Mattis brags to the bedridden Noddle-Pete of the robber's success as united tribes. Ronja and Birk observe the changes in the forest as winter approaches. Meanwhile Noddle-Pete enjoys seeing the peaceful relations between the clans as he waits for his time. Mattis worries over Noddle-Pete's health while Lovis says he's simply suffering from old age and there is nothing to keep death at bay. Time goes on and Noddle-Pete gets weaker though Ronja tries to tend to him. He eventually passes away peacefully just before winter and Mattis grieves heavily while the rest of the Mattis Robbers are deeply saddened as well. In the spring Birk wonders how he and Ronja will get by in the world in the future since they have vowed to never become robbers. Ronja then tells him Noddle-Pete's secret: a cave full of silver shown to him by a gray dwarf he saved in his youth. Birk and Ronja decide to live in the Bear's Cave for the spring again and receive Mattis' blessing. The two venture out to enjoy their days together and Ronja greets spring with her shout.

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