Seis Manos Episode 1 Toppled


Watch full Seis Manos Episode 1 online full HD online. Cartoon video Seis Manos Episode 1 online for free in HD. Toppled. A death ritual to Santa Nucifera has the initiate, Jaimito, brand his hands and take a black powder. But before the ritual completes, he rampages and leaves taking the powder. In the small Mexican town of San Simon, orphan Domingo steals a mango and escapes Federale Garcia to a private home, where three foster siblings train. Domingo is invited to stay by Sifu Chiu with Isabela, Jésus, and 'Silencio'. Meanwhile, DEA Agent Brister is assigned to a Bi-National Task Force to intercept cartel, in the only Mexican town with no drugs. The next day, as Domingo leaves to repay a man he robbed, the trio go to find him while Sifu battles a demonified Jaimito; recognizing the brand on his hands, Sifu dies to keep Jaimito at bay. This fails as Jaimito kills many citizens in town, including Domingo and Balde's men who found him; the trio devastated upon returning home to find their father now dead. Brister witnesses Jaimito's rampage and works with Garcia to investigate the matter.

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