Seis Manos Episode 5 Blindfold


Watch full Seis Manos Episode 5 online full HD online. Cartoon video Seis Manos Episode 5 online for free in HD. Blindfold. Garabina drives to San Simon, as a vision shows her the mother of Balde, the witch who helped her kill her cobarde husband. In town, Balde recognizes Garabina, asking why his mother allowed her to see him last time. Arriving at Garabina's home, Brister calls the DEA who won't send help unless he can prove Balde's involvement, and the best place to scout Balde's actions is in the ruins of Chiu's dojo. There, they encounter Chiu's brother, Shifu Lo; Brister and Garcia see Balde's execution of the mayor, and race to save Garabina. Using Garabina's magic camera, they freeze Balde long enough to exfil Garabina, who informs Garcia of how to defeat Balde. From the Bai Si Ceremony, Lo becomes the trio's new Sifu, who teaches them to use the full force of their styles, and from meditation connects with Silencio to know his birth name.

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