Seis Manos Episode 7 Between This World and the Next


Watch full Seis Manos Episode 7 online full HD online. Cartoon video Seis Manos Episode 7 online for free in HD. Between This World and the Next. In the reality between life and death, Isabela meets Chiu while Alejandra uses her body to battle Balde, who is more empowered by vials of Powder. As Alejandra uses Isabela's martial prowess against Balde, while Jésus remembers Balde is weak to fire, like the monster Jefes that attacked the Dojo. In Between, Isabela asks about Chiu's tattoo- a Peach Blossom representing Immortality, not like Balde's Lotus symbol. With his guidance, Isabela helps Alejandra remember Balde as her son, but as Silencio and Jesus manage to finally kill him, Alejandra becomes vengeful and furious. Garcia binds Alejandra with a spell she used from Garabina's memories, she remembers her totem and "sweeps" away Alejandra into her Lotus medallion. Meanwhile, Lo searches the Dojo ruins for what Chiu stole from him decades earlier, finding it hidden in a dead tree and attaining immortality from the divine fruit. Back together, the group returns to the Dojo, but Isabela believes Silencio should be arrested for all the death he had brought. Inside, Silencio finds Lina's body, and his rage turns his right eyebrow fully white. Lo reveals himself, and his true alignment.

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