Servant x Service Episode 11 English Subbed


Watch full Servant x Service Episode 11 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Servant x Service Episode 11 English sub streaming online. Beware the Sweet Trap that Tries to Lure You In. Yutaka is still trying to avoid Lucy after that "confession" an episode ago. Lucy tries to talk to him and looks for him, but everyone says he's just slacking around somewhere. Kenzo finds her later and accompanies her to go look for him. In the process Kenzo was accidentally sold as a stuffed toy at the outdoor bazaar outside the city hall. He is recovered just in time when the girl who bought him immediately grabbed the substitute stuffed bunny "because it was cuter," much to his chagrin. Later, as Yutaka tries to hide by eating his lunch at the rooftop, he finds Lucy in there eating bread crusts for lunch, hoping that she would find him in there. As he gives him the sandwich he has Lucy explains her actions back then, her being not used to men being around her. Meanwhile, Saya, while trying to psyche herself up before her date with Joji, decides to go into town on her day-off, where she weirdly comes across everyone in the office--Lucy, Megumi, Yutaka, Taishi, even Kanon and Kenzo and Mrs. Tanaka herself. Yutaka hears of Joji's date with Saya (when Saya consulted with Megumi and Lucy), so he warns him not to do weird things to her. During the date they talk of nothing but Yutaka, so when Saya tried to change the subject, she becomes amused when she finds out he can't talk of anything (familiar) other than his "rival." And before he could talk about certain regrets, Saya fainted after taking a sip of red wine. She later finds herself being carried by Joji quite a distance from the restaurant. He said he had fun during the date, and asks her for another one for later, to which she agrees. The next day, amidst a hangover, she tells Yutaka that Joji is fine if he's not involved.

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